Our Leaders

Beng Esquivel leads ASEC Development and Construction Corporation as President and CEO. She is also President and CEO of ASEC Land and The Regalia Group. Before taking on the leadership role in these companies, she was the Vice President for Finance and Administration of ASEC Land, The Regalia Group and ASEC Development and Construction Corporation, and helping running these companies since inception. 

Beng brings her finance acumen and international experiences to the organization. She owned and founded a garment exporting business from 1984 to 1997. She was a Junior Executive Trainee at the Philippine-American Investment Corporation where she focused on financial analysis and bad debts accounts. Her first job was accounting officer for Holiday Inn in San Francisco. 

She graduated Cum Laude in Business Administration at the globally diverse Menlo College in Artherton, California. She interned at Hewlett Packard in her senior year. 

Beng graduated elementary and high school from Institution Teresiana (now St. Pedro Poveda College) She attended the Ateneo de Manila University for her first two years of College majoring in Business Management. 


Architect Gerry Esquivel  is Chairman of the Board of ASEC Development & Construction Corporation. He started in the construction industry doing kitchen cabinets, garage renovations, pizza kiosks and stalls, and small houses. The small crew he hired is still with the company and became what would be the core resource in forming  ASEC. 

Gerry Esquivel founded other companies namely The Regalia Group Corporation, ASEC Land Incorporated, and Ignajo, (Ignatius-Joseph) Foundation. He has owned and managed these companies since 1997. 

In January 17, 2011, Gerry Esquivel was appointed Administrator and Vice-Chairman of Metropolitan Water Works and Sewerage System (MWSS). 

Gerry Esquivel attended Elementary and High School at the Ateneo de Manila and completed BS Architecture in the University of the Philippines in DIliman. 

As founding partner of ASEC, Gerry has provided thought leadership and guidance to the organization.