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The ASEC Story






ASEC Development and Construction Corporation was formally organized in May of 1993 to engage in the general construction of quality residential, industrial and commercial structures. The breadth and diversity of experience of its corporate members in architecture and construction attest to ASEC’s commitment in bringing quality and professionalism into this growing industry. With very limited capitalization, unproven company track record, and the non-existence of equipment, manpower and credit facility and resources, the company pursued their dream of becoming a credible performer in construction. Projects initially undertaken were mostly residences and interiors. With modest gains in the company resources, ASEC set their sights on industrial as well as multi-level commercial and residential structures. It was not an easy task for the market was and still filled with companies of this nature. Now on its second decade of full operations, it would seem that dedication and honest service paved the way for ASEC to be still actively pursuing its company’s dream. With broader resources in place, ASEC shall attempt to gain a wider field of the industry’s market. The company has done this in the past twenty two years; it may again prove itself in the future. 

Accepting the flexibility of the industry, the group has ventured into other related fields of technical expertise. Company resources have been expanded to engage in the following:

Design Build Services for Medium Scale Residential and
Commercial Developments
Value Engineering
Site Development
Full Scale Development
Infrastructure Development 

The ASEC  story  presents the true ideals and mission of the group’s directors and partners. It wishes to embrace these dreams with a clear direction and foundation rooted in honesty and dedication to service. Not only is ASEC geared towards the expansion of its business and resources, but is more importantly focused on generating goodwill and professional integration among its peers, its clients, and the industry ASEC wishes to serve.